The Texas Nationalist Movement’s Legislative Liaison, Gayle Wilkerson, will offer testimony on HB 92 to the House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee this week.

HB 92, introduced by State Representative James White, decriminalizes the possession of a state icon – the Bowie knife.

The TNM’s interest in this issue came from a question posed by one of our members. “Why is it against the law, in a state where Jim Bowie is hailed as a hero and statues are erected of him, to carry the iconic knife for which he is best known?”

This question was posed to Representative White who authored the bill and introduced it during the early filing window in November.

The TNM’s interest in this matter comes from two aspects of the organizations mission. The first is the TNM’s commitment to to preserve and defend Texas culture. The other is the TNM’s commitment to safeguarding the inherent rights of Texans.

This is best summed up by paraphrasing Wilkerson’s prepared testimony.

“We need only look at, from a cultural perspective, how we hold Bowie as a hero to generations of Texans, depicting him in history books and popular media carrying the knife that bears his name. And then, further, realizing how strange it is that if Jim Bowie were to appear in public today as he is often depicted, he would be arrested. Were his likeness on the Alamo cenotaph suddenly to spring to life and hop down onto the street, he would be handcuffed and taken to jail by the San Antonio Police Department. What message does this send about our level of respect for the history, culture and rights of Texans?”

The Criminal Jurisprudence Committee will holding the hearing on HB 92 on Wednesday, April 29th at 10:30am in room E2.030 at the Texas Capitol.

We urge people to call the committee members and express their support for HB 92. Here is a list of committee members and their phone numbers.

Rep. Abel Herrero – (512) 463-0462
Rep. Joe Moody – (512) 463-0728
Rep. Terry Canales – (512) 463-0426
Rep. Todd Hunter – (512) 463-0672
Rep. Jeff Leach – (512) 463-0544
Rep. Matt Shaheen – (512) 463-0594
Rep. David Simpson – (512) 463-0750


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