In response to questions about the Texas Nationalist Movement’s thoughts on the riots in Baltimore, the organization’s President, Daniel Miller, invokes a familiar internet meme.

“There is ‘Texas’ and there is ‘not Texas’. The last time that I checked a map, Baltimore is not Texas.”

Miller is, of course, referring to the ongoing riots in Baltimore, Maryland sparked by the death of Freddie Gray while in police custody.

While the organization has no official position on the initial incident, Miller is clear on what the response to the incident means to Texas and the TNM.

“While Texans work out the role and scope of policing in the 21st century as well as issues of transparency and government accountability, there are some things that Texans are absolutely clear about – private gun ownership, private property rights and the use of those guns to protect private property. Given how clear Texans are on those things, I doubt seriously that we will see Baltimore-style riots on the streets of any Texas city. And if we do, I can imagine that it won’t last long.”

Miller also believes that the images from Baltimore, especially the response from the city, state and Federal officials, show the stark contrasts between Texas and the rest of the United States.

“While the rest of America is glued to their televisions, listening to pundits and politicians make excuses for this sort of behavior, Texans are simply reminded of how different we truly are. Citizens of Baltimore are helping us make the case for Texas independence with every brick thrown, every fire started and every storefront looted. Because, at the end of the day, Texans won’t let the Federal system turn Texas into Baltimore.”



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