Before the start of the 84th Legislative session, Daniel Miller, President of the Texas Nationalist Movement, laid out a list of legislative priorities and specific pieces of legislation that TNM would be working on and supporting. These were other than the obvious referendum on Texas independence that TNM is pursuing.

Most of the declared legislative priorities as well as specific pieces of legislation centered around the cultural and economic areas of our mission.

Today, we are happy to announce that the TNM has made it farther in the Texas Legislature than we have ever been.

We received word tonight that two pieces of legislation that the TNM has championed are heading for the floor of the Texas House. The first is HB 483 which would establish a precious metals depository for Texas. The other is HB 1150 which would allow the use of fireworks for the celebration of Texas Independence Day and San Jacinto Day.

In addition, there is substantial movement on some of the other legislative priorities and bills that the TNM is championing.

HB 483 has already had its second reading and should be scheduled for a vote soon. HB 1150 is out of committee and is headed for the floor of the Texas House on Saturday, May 9th.

As previously stated, this is farther in the process than any of our key legislative priorities have ever been. It shows that the TNM message of embracing the cultural and economic independence of Texas as well as political independence is the right way forward. It also shows that the hard work the TNM is doing is, indeed, paying off.

To everyone who volunteered their time and energy and to those who have contributed financially to help sustain this effort, we thank you.

We will keep our members posted as these, and other bills, move forward.


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