< }}” alt=”tnm-acuna.png” width=”250″ />When the storms passed, TNM members began to assess the damage. The Texas side experienced some flooding and downed trees but reports began streaming in that an F4 tornado had devastated lives and property across the international bridge that joins Texas and the Mexican state of Coahuila. More than a dozen people had been killed, hundreds more injured, and water and other vital services had been disrupted. People were in need.

TNM member George Contreras said, “It’s times like these that politics cease to matter and real Texans stand up to help their fellow man.” Contreras went on to say that, “If an independent Texas is going to be a beacon of hope to the rest of the world, we need to start now.”

Not only did these member volunteers provide clean bottled water to those across the border, they provided hope that a cooperation in times of need between the two peoples who share the area known as “Amistad” or “Friendship” will grow with an independent Texas.

The Texas Nationalist Movement, as the only organization focused solely on and actively working for Texas independence, is always looking for ways to be a positive force in our communities. No matter where, we understand that it takes good neighbors to make good neighborhoods.


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