< }}” alt=”ttb-tyler.png” width=”300″ />Even though the Texas Nationalist Movement is only 6 cities in on its 21 city tour across Texas, the evidence is clear that the tour is having an effect.

Take Texas Back, a tour to engage TNM supporters and train volunteers, is doing just that. With supporters coming to meet the leadership and volunteers coming aboard at every stop, the tour is fulfilling its intended purpose.

But according to TNM President, Daniel Miller, something unexpected is happening on this tour.

“It’s been great to connect with our supporters in these areas and get them trained as field volunteers, but what has been the most surprising are the people coming in from off the street, that have never had any interaction with the TNM, who are ready to get to work for Texas independence.”

The organization’s Executive Director, Daphne Armour, sees this as a growing trend that shows no sign of letting up.

“Although we didn’t directly reach out to these Texans, they are seeking us out. Whether it’s on social media, traditional media or through friends, family and co-workers they are finding out about us. They’ve got questions. We’ve got the answers. They want an organization with longevity and credibility on the issue of independence and they know that is the TNM.”

There is no doubt that the media has fueled the fire over independence and the TNM. With recent articles on Politico, the Houston Chronicle, Austin American Statesman, the Drudge Report as well as other TV and radio outlets, many Texans who support independence are realizing that there is an organization that represents them.

Miller commented on the recent media articles and their impact on the tour.

“Although many of these reports are filled with half-truths or outright lies, the simple fact is that Texans who support independence are sharp enough to cut through the noise and realize this one simple fact – if the media is willing to take hits at us, then we must be doing something right. And what we are doing is reminding Texans that they no longer have to accept dictates that they don’t want from bureaucrats that they didn’t elect. Texas can do better.”


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