< }}” alt=”tnm-logo.png” width=”250″ />On August 16, Chris Kenney accepted the appointment to Communications Director for the Texas Nationalist Movement.  

Kenney commented, “This is a vitally important position to the cause of Texas independence and I am humbled by the offer to fill this role in the TNM.”  

Kenney has worked with the organization in various roles for over 15 years.  

Kenney goes on to lay out his vision of TNM Communications moving forward.

“I’ll work to take our message to all Texans everywhere in the world through various media channels and social media outlets.  We will provide in depth information on our website for those that are seeking it, but I feel like we need to engage people where they are, especially younger Texans, by making succinct, pointed statements about why independence is important in their lives.”  

TNM President Daniel Miller commented on Kenney’s appointment.

“Chris has a very long history with the organization both in and out of leadership. During this critical phase of explosive growth and in the middle of this campaign to connect with our supporters statewide, having someone with his organizational and management experience is vital to lead the team of over 100 volunteers who have stepped up to help in communications.”

The TNM is currently working to gather enough signatures on a petition to get a vote for independence on the primary ballot next year. 

“The more people connect and see they are not alone, not in a minority position, the more people will openly support independence for Texas”, Kenney stated.  “We are working very hard to bring patriots together and give Texans hope for a brighter future built upon liberty and restored freedoms that have been eroded over the last 100 years.”


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