As an organization, the Texas Nationalist Movement stands dedicated to the cause of Texas independence. As part of the ongoing effort to expand its outreach and networking, TNM is proud to welcome on board two new contributors to its writing team: David Koontz and Rachel Clark. Both will be working with TNM on a wide variety of contributions, ranging from news articles to feature pieces and editorial work.

To Rachel Clark, the realm of politics is not a new one. A harpist with a self-confessed obsession with coffee, “Star Wars,” and the Austrian school of economics, Clark began her political journey at a young age. “When I was 13, I immersed myself in politics and got involved in a congressional campaign.” It was during this time that she first heard about TNM, its work, and its goals. “I was skeptical,” she admitted, noting that the concepts espoused by TNM sounded “radical” and “unnecessary.” But time and experience, she says, have brought about a new understanding. “When I was a child, I thought like a child. Since then, I have realized that not only does Texas have the right to secede, but that secession is our only hope of escaping the ‘DC leviathan’.”

David Koontz espoused similar convictions. “Growing up, I was a diehard Texaphile, if that’s a word,” he said. “Other kids got bored with their Texas history books, while I was reading ahead.” Koontz, a married father of one, admitted that while he always had “forceful” opinions regarding government, he never really embraced politics until his college years. “Watching the federal government and how they behaved, regardless of what party was in charge, made me realize just how overpowered and bloated the national government has become. That’s when I began seriously considering how Texas not only should secede, but how the founding fathers always intended for us to be able to do so.”

For Clark, her desire for TNM and her own personal motivations are one in the same. “I want to see the secessionist movement become more mainstream in Texas politics,” she says, “and that’s exactly what’s going to happen if TNM just keeps doing what it’s doing.”

“The Texas Nationalist Movement is essential,” Koontz agrees. “There are always people out there who have a mind to go it alone, more so here in Texas than elsewhere… but TNM provides something none of those other groups do: a cohesive structure, clear-cut goals, and an unwavering devotion to Texas first, Texas forever. That’s something I can definitely get behind, especially when I consider what kind of government I want my son to grow up under.”

As TNM continues to push for Texan causes throughout the local and state legislatures, both Clark and Koontz look forward to contributing to the fight.

“Positively exhilarated,” Clark declared.

“Ready to win,” Koontz added.


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