< }}” alt=”24on24-1am.png” width=”250″ />On Wednesday August 24, the Texas Nationalist Movement celebrated TNM President Daniel Miller’s 20th anniversary of fighting for Texas Independence with 24 on 24: a 24 hour filibuster and fundraiser to promote Texas independence.

Armed with cough-drops, coffee, and a will of iron, Miller lucidly braved the herculean labor (special thanks to RagingElephantsRadio.com) until the evening of the following day.

Over the course of the broadcast, Mr. Miller was joined by many special guests. These included Texas State Representative James White, “Yes California!” President Louis Marinelli, Dr. Steven Hotze, and Regional Leader of the UK Independence Party George Konstantinidis, all of whom spoke on the history and promising future of Texas independence as well as related topics such as the recently successful Brexit.

Urging Miller on were TNM’s many supporters on Facebook, who offered useful questions on Texas independence, genial jokes, and advice for Miller as he forged ahead.

For a more complete list of the evening’s special guests or to contribute to 24 on 24, please visit the event page at http://thetnm.org/24


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