< }}” alt=”TNM-Volunteer-Veteran.jpg” width=”200″ />An often-missed fact about the Texas Nationalist Movement is how many military veterans comprise the ranks of our supporters and volunteers. In fact, military veterans, along with active duty service personnel, comprise the largest single demographic group in the TNM.

In fact, the veterans in TNM represent every military branch from every conflict since World War 2.

Hearing the stories of these military veterans, their reasons for supporting Texas independence and the efforts of the TNM become evident and compelling – duty to principle, not political union.

Every single veteran supporter reinforces to us that they took an oath to the Constitution and the principles embodied in that document. And they almost always follow that up with their belief that it is the Federal Government that broke the oath.

In short, they hold that their support for Texas independence is a continuation of that oath since upholding those principles can no longer happen in the context of political union.

On Veteran’s Day, the TNM salutes our Texian veterans, who never stopped serving the principles that they hold dear. Thank you for your service.

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