While the information is still coming in on the shootings in Garland, the Texas Nationalist Movement is not standing silent on who is to blame.

The organization’s President, Daniel Miller, lays the blame squarely on the two shooters.

“Make no mistake about it. The primary responsible parties here are the two gunmen who decided to attack the gathering in Garland.”

However, Miller does not stop there.

“We cannot, however, let their accomplices off with a free pass. And by their accomplices, I mean the Federal Government and their cheer section in the media.”

Miller is referring to the TNM’s long standing complaint that the Federal Government has failed to secure the border.

“The Federal Government has been hell-bent on having an open-door immigration and travel policy leaving Texas vulnerable to those who do not share and do not wish to share Texas values. They are a responsible party in this incident and have provided yet another clear reason for Texas independence. Until Texas is independent, Texas will not be able to adequately protect Texans from this type of attack.”

He is also referring to the TNM’s claim of overwhelming bias in the media.

“In addition, we will now be treated to a steady stream of media apologists who will try to place the blame on the intended victims which only highlights the double standard. While the pundits will inundate the 24 hour news cycle with claims that the shooters were provoked, they conveniently forget that they are the same ones who constantly try to provoke supporters of Texas independence by calling us ‘traitors’ and ‘loons’. These will be the same people who will talk about the exhibit in question with disgust and derision, but will vehemently defend Serrano’s depiction of a crucifix in a jar of urine as ‘thought provoking art’. Their double-standard makes them responsible as well.”

Miller reserved his harshest words for supporters of the shooters who took to Twitter using the hashtag #texasattack.

“There seems little doubt that this was a premeditated attack by those who do not share the Texas principle of freedom of speech. But I want to send a clear signal to any other individual or organization that would follow in their footsteps. We also hold the right to keep and bear arms in high esteem here, as well. For anyone thinking of trying something similar, I might remind them that we own an average of eight guns for every man, woman and child on the soil of Texas and we will not hesitate to use them. Do not ever mistake a Texans kindness for weakness.”


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