< }}” alt=”SCOTUS-Represent.png” width=”200″ />The Supreme Court decisions over the last several days are having an unintended consequence according to the President of the Texas Nationalist Movement, Daniel Miller.

Commenting on the flood of SCOTUS decisions and the political upheaval that they are causing in Texas, Miller was clear.

“The Supreme Court definitely made a decision. That decision was to remind Texans that no matter how we choose to govern ourselves, we can and will continue to be overruled from afar until Texas becomes independent.”

But, according to Miller, the unintended consequence is that those decisions are forcing Texans to make some decisions of their own.

“The TNM is growing massively as Texans are deciding that they no longer want to be governed by bureaucrats that they didn’t elect. They are deciding that the TNM is the only true pro-Texas voice of the people. They are deciding that the only way to secure the political, cultural and economic future for Texas is independence.”


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