< }}” alt=”texas-catalonia.jpg” width=”250″ />Texans working toward independence can stand reassured in the cause of self-determination as their counterparts in Catalonia have taken another significant step toward independence.

On the heels of a non-binding referendum on independence from Spain in November in which 80% voted in favor, Catalans went to the polls this weekend to cast their votes in regional parliamentary elections. However, the vote became a de facto referendum on the issue of secession from Spain.

With the returns in, pro-independence parties will receive a majority in the Catalonian parliament which, as the pro-independence parties have promised, will trigger unilateral action on their part toward full independence.

The drive for independence for Catalonia has been one of many around the world closely watched by the Texas Nationalist Movement. In fact, TNM President Daniel Miller has regularly commented on the impact of the Catalonian independence movement on Texas.

Commenting on the pro-independence victory tonight, Miller said:

“The win in Catalonia is a win for Texas. Texas and Catalonia share many similarities in our desire for independence. Much like the prosperity of Texas is siphoned off to an overbloated central bureaucracy, Catalans have the same grievance with Madrid. Much like Texans pay over $100 billion per year to the Federal system than they receive, Catalonia does the same to Spain.”

An Miller cites one more important similarity between the Texas Nationalists and the Catalonia nationalists.

“Much like Texans have been told over the last 150 years, for 300 years the people of Catalonia were told that they couldn’t leave Spain. But we are watching it happen, both in Catalonia and Texas.”

The high-profile success of the pro-independence movement in Catalonia should serve to add more wind to the TNM’s current campaign to place a vote for Texas independence on the March 2016 primary ballot.


Miller will extend a formal congratulations to Catalonia President Artur Mas on Monday.


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