Candidate Endorsement

You are looking for votes. Our supporters are looking for standard bearers.
I want an endorsement from the TNM.I want to be eligible to endorse a candidate.


Each candidate seeking the endorsement of the TNM will complete a candidate survey. This survey includes standard biographical data and measures the candidate on alignment with the TNM’s mission and values.


In this stage, each candidate who completes the survey will be thoroughly vetted using standard vetting techniques as well as advanced data analytics powered by IBM’s Watson supercomputer.


The final stage of the endorsement process will place the candidates before the membership of the TNM for a vote. Members can choose to endorse, not endorse, or oppose a candidate.
  • The TNM has over 369,000 declared supporters.

    Those who are counted as supporters of the TNM are not passive. They have made a positive affirmation of their support for the TNM and our mission.

  • The TNM has an active political engagement program.

    TNM supporters actively engage their elected officials on a wide range of issues and participate in campaigns through volunteer work or financial contributions.

  • The TNM is a non-partisan organization.

    While supporters of the TNM come from across the spectrum of political parties, they view the TNM’s mission as one that transcends party affiliation.

  • The TNM is the face of Texas.

    TNM supporters have a unique political demographic. Across all other measures they more closely represent the whole of Texas than either major political party.

Want to vote on candidate endorsements?

Only formal members of the TNM are able to participate in choosing which candidates receive an endorsement from the organization. If you are not a current member and would like to participate click the button below to join.

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