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Texas Nationalist Movement President Comes to Tyler

Tylerites and East Texans from the surrounding area had the opportunity to meet with four of the National Team members of the Texas Nationalist Movement last Friday. President Daniel Miller was present on this March 11th gathering, along with Cara Miller (TNM Director of Operations), Nate Smith (TNM Executive Director), and Don Teer (TNM Field…

DHS Secretary Kelly Affirms Federal Takeover of State Election Infrastructure

Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) John Kelly recently affirmed his support for an Obama-era policy which designated the state election apparatus as “critical infrastructure” and thus in some vague sense, under federal control. In 2017, then Secretary Jeh Johnson clarified and otherwise defended the federal government’s position that “by “election infrastructure,” we…

The Alamo Guard Returns

Last weekend marked the triumphant return of the Alamo Guard to the Alamo! For regular readers of the Texian Partisan, you likely remember an article published last month on how a four-year tradition of honoring the Texas Republic’s fallen soldiers had been cut short, rather abruptly. However, do to your quick and determined efforts, the tradition…

BREXIT is Proving a Success; Could TEXIT do as Well?

The mainstream British media forecast that the secession of Great Britain from the European Union will bring doom and gloom to world markets. In the US, some analysts believe that we have already been in a recession for the last 4-5 months. However, more recently some signs of optimism are stirring that not only has a…

Miller on Monday: Nobody Likes A “Told Ya So”

In the era where truth has become fake, facts have become opinion, and information has become the world’s worst buffet restaurant, one thing is still indisputable – when you’re right, you’re right. Now I completely understand that no one really likes to hear the words “I told you so.” Especially when the person uttering those…

How Texas GOP Leadership Deals With Dissent in its Party

The Texas Legislature has been overwhelmingly red since the 2003 session.  With both the House and Senate firmly under Republican control, one would think that the legislative process would flow smoothly.  Agendas would be clear, decisions would be nearly unanimous, and progress would be immediately evident on issues the constituents care about.  The contrast with…

Welcome to Texas! The World’s Tenth Largest Economy

In the debate over the prospect of Texas independence, among all the angst-ridden nay-saying, one question tends to pop up more so than others: “How will we survive without big daddy Washington to take care of us?” Well, not to worry. Like other independent countries, we will take care of ourselves, and do so very well! For,…

Miller On Monday: Remember The Alamo

In our home, March 6th is the equivalent of a “high holy day”. It is the anniversary of the day the Alamo fell and, as Texas Nationalists, we treat it with enormous reverence and respect. However, that same reverence and respect is not shared by some of our countrymen. Some remember the Alamo. But far…

#TexasIndependenceDay Trends on Twitter

For those of you that follow Twitter, you may have noticed a certain hashtag trending yesterday, all day: #TexasIndependenceDay! Yesterday, March 2nd, was Texas Independence Day, the time when we celebrate the founding of Texas as an independent and sovereign nation. And it seems that in the minds of many Texans, the idea of independence…

Happy Independence Day, Texas!

On this day, 181 years ago, delegates from across Texas signed a formal declaration to the Government of Mexico, and its military dictator Antonio López de Santa Anna, that they would no longer entreaty him for the restoration of their liberties, ones that he had suspended in xenophobic anxiety. Instead, they declared their liberation from…

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