2018 TNM Candidate Endorsements

Below is a list of all candidates who were selected by our members to receive an official endorsement from the TNM. Please show your full support for their campaigns.

Roger Cowan

Republican Candidate for City Council (Yorktown, Tx City Council)

Current Occupation: Reporter/self-employed | Birthdate: 12/30/1977


Texas born musician, handyman, photographer, and carpenter. Husband and father of a son and two stepdaughters. Fiscally conservative and liberty minded, a strong believer in self-determination and the right of the people to hold their government accountable. A man who believes draining the swamp is not limited to Austin and Washington, but all the way down to local dog catcher. Yorktown first.

Why are you running for office?

Yorktown first. When bread gets stale, you throw it out. Friends, the bread is stale. It's time for fresh ideas, and time to return Yorktown to an upward path. There are many issues that need to be addressed, from maintenance and code enforcement, to attracting new business and prompting new revenue streams. I bring outside the box thinking and new ideas, as well as a passion for the city I've come to love.

How do you feel about the core principles and mission of the TNM?

Strongly disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly agree
Texas is a nation with a distinct culture, economy and government.
Texas should always be politically, culturally, and economically independent.
The basic political building block of Texas is the individual.
The basic economic building block of Texas is the entrepreneur.
The basic cultural building block of Texas is the family.
Texans should have the ability to engage in the full enjoyment of their natural rights.
The interests of Texas supersede the interests of all other nations and states.
The power to determine Texas's political, cultural, and economic destiny should reside solely in the hands of the Texan people.
Texas's unique history serves as the foundation for our current and future greatness.
There is no challenge that cannot be overcome by the individual initiative and collective will of Texans.
Texas would be better off as an independent nation.
Texas should become an independent nation.
Texans should be able to vote on becoming an independent nation.

In your own words, please describe the meaning of Article 1 Section 1 of the Texas Constitution.

Article 1 Section 1 means the people of Texas are unencumbered by a requirement to kneel and kiss the ring of the federal government. Texans are to at all times have the right and obligation to solely be the judges of what is best for Texas.

In your own words, please describe the meaning of Article 1 Section 2 of the Texas Constitution.

Article 1 Section 2 means the people of Texas are to hold accountable their representatives in government and at such time as they feel necessary, they may wipe the slate clean and start over. With the overreach currently brandished as a bloody sword not only from the federal government but also those in Austin, that time has long since been upon us. People should not fear their government, governments should fear their people.

In your own words, please describe the meaning of the 10th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

The 10th amendment was an effort by the founding fathers to prevent a government such as we are currently ruled by. As fewer states hold the 10th amendment high, the federal republic that we were founded to be has moved further and further towards a unitary republic. The 10th amendment means that we have the right to do that which best benefits Texans, and that is removing ourselves from a broken system which cannot be repaired.

Why should supporters of the Texas Nationalist Movement support your candidacy?

As a city councilman, I will do my best to represent the best interests of the people of Yorktown. I will stand firm in all matters that appear before me, and vote as I believe the community wishes. I will be available 24/7 to my constituents, and will always strive to reach out to them for public opinion and input on any matter which I feel would bring them concern. I will always put Yorktown first, and strive be as transparent as possible in all matters, large and small.

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