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We’re a team of people living and working all over Texas.  We work and grow together, all in the service of the TNM and Texas independence.
Daniel Miller
Father, husband, and unapologetic Texas Nationalist. Been in the fight for an independent Texas since 1996.
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Regina Cowan
Organizational Development
A 5th generation Texan, mother, wife, daughter, and sister. Above all else, I AM a Texas Nationalist and will always continue to do what it takes to get us back to a free and independent nation.
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Don Teer
Field Director
Sixth generation Texian. Born in Corpus Christi. Raised in Corsicana. Staunch Texas Nationalist. Husband, father, and grandfather and want my descendants to live in a free Texas.
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Cara Miller
Chief of Staff
Grateful mother of six. Business owner. Die-hard TNM supporter and proud Texian. I get things done.
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Ryan Thorson
Communications Director
Immigrant to Texas, but would never go anywhere else. Texas independence is the only way to preserve traditional liberties. Husband, father, veteran, patriot.
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Nate Smith
CFO/Member Development
Proclaimed to the establishment and world audiences that Texans should decide what is best for Texas, independence strategist, singer-songwriter, adventurer, and entrepreneur.
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