< }}” alt=”URGENTACTIONNEEDED.png” width=”300″ />Significant parts of the Texas Nationalist Movement’s mission include the promotion and defense of Texas culture and the support of a sound economic system and policies. In short, we want cultural and economic independence as well as political independence.

HB 1150

HB 1150 is a bill that puts Texas Independence Day and San Jacinto Day on equal footing with July 4th (American Independence Day), New Year’s Eve/Day and even Cinco de Mayo by allowing the sell of fireworks in celebration of those holidays. It may seem trivial to some, but not to those who hold those Texas holidays dear. These special Texas days should not be the subject of discrimination while July 4th, December 31st and May 5th are given special preference.

To that end, State Representative James White introduced HB 1150 which would place our holidays on the same footing. The TNM Legislative Liaison, Gayle Wilkerson, testified on the bill saying:

“I would like to celebrate Texas Independence Day by any and all means that I see fit. We celebrate New Years with fireworks, we celebrate July 4… we celebrate Cinco de Mayo… We should be able to celebrate Texas Independence Day with all kinds of fanfare and fireworks.”

In addition to increasing opportunities for fireworks vendors and other businesses that might benefit from the bill, HB 1150 would spur an increased awareness of these important holidays by promoting celebration and festivities. Ultimately, however, the issue comes down to one of equality as we seek to honor our history as an independent nation.

HB 483

HB 483 would establish a TEXAS BULLION DEPOSITORY. This piece of legislation, in short, would create a mechanism for Texas and Texans to bring their gold and silver home to Texas and store them in a Texas-based system as opposed to a Federal Reserve created system.

The man who initially drafted this legislation is Rick Cunningham of the Texas Center for Economics, Law, and Policy.  Mr. Cunningham is not only the Executive Director of the Center, but he is a magna cum laude graduate of Texas A&M with a degree in Economics, as well as a graduate of the University of Chicago Law School, where he served as associate editor of the Law Review journal.

According to Mr. Cunningham,

“This proposal consists of two parts – the “depository” part and the “system” part.  The “depository” part … provides simply for hedging the state’s investment risk by allocating a recommended portion of state and local investment assets to physical gold and other precious metals, and housing those metals in a state-operated facility….

“But the truly game-changing aspect of this proposal … lies in the “system” part.  This would be an advanced, state-owned and operated system of electronic payments and settlements, denominated in ounces of precious metals, barred from engaging in lending, leasing, speculative or derivative transactions, and always maintaining a 100% ratio of bullion reserves to account balances.  At full scale, not only could it sustain state and local government operations, it could potentially sustain large swaths of the Texas economy, even in the face of a national financial or currency crisis.”

He goes on to list some of the advantages of the depository.  He says that “The depository would be open for use by private as well as public depositors, whether individuals from other U.S. states and foreign countries, pension funds, trusts, … major corporations and financial institutions, and even foreign governments.”

To further understand why this is important to the economic independence of Texas, watch this short interview with Jim Rickards.

Here’s what you need to do TODAY in support of these important pieces of legislation.

Go to this link and find your Senator: http://www.senate.state.tx.us/75r/Senate/Members.htm#FYI

CALL THEM TODAY and simply say this: “I live in your district and I want you to vote ‘YES’ on HB 1150 and HB 483. Thank you.”

It will take you 1 minute to look up your Senator and less than a minute to make the phone call. 2 minutes of your time in support of the cultural and economic independence of Texas can have a major impact for generations to come. 

A Contact List of Texas Senators

Senator Dist (512) Phone / Fax
Paul Bettencourt (R) 7 463-0107 / 463-8810
Brian Birdwell (R) 22 463-0122 / 475-3729
Konni Burton (R) 10 463-0110 / 475-3745
Donna Campbell (R) 25 463-0125 / 463-7794
Brandon Creighton (R) 4 463-0104 / 463-6373
Rodney Ellis (D) 13 463-0113 / 463-0006
Kevin P. Eltife (R) 1 463-0101 / 475-3751
Craig Estes (R) 30 463-0130 / 463-8874
Troy Fraser (R) 24 463-0124 / 475-3732
Sylvia R. Garcia (D) 6 463-0106 / 463-0346
Bob Hall (R) 2 463-0102 / 463-7202
Kelly G. Hancock (R) 9 463-0109 / 463-7003
Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa (D) 20 463-0120 / 463-0229
Don Huffines (R) 16 463-0116 / 463-3135
Joan Huffman (R) 17 463-0117 / 463-0639
Lois W. Kolkhorst (R) 18 463-0118 / 475-3736
Eddie Lucio (D) 27 463-0127 / 463-0061
Jose Menendez (D) 26 463-0126 / 463-2114
Jane Nelson (R) 12 463-0112 / 463-0923
Robert Nichols (R) 3 463-0103 / 463-1526
Charles Perry (R) 28 463-0128 / 463-2424
José R. Rodríguez (D) 29 463-0129 / 463-7100
Charles Schwertner (R) 5 463-0105 / 463-5713
Kel Seliger (R) 31 463-0131 / 475-3733
Larry Taylor (R) 11 463-0111 / 475-3727
Van Taylor (R) 8 463-0108 / 463-7579
Carlos I. Uresti (D) 19 463-0119 / 463-1017
Kirk Watson (D) 14 463-0114 / 463-5949
Royce West (D) 23 463-0123 / 463-0299
John Whitmire (D) 15 463-0115 / 475-3737
Judith Zaffirini (D) 21 463-0121 / 475-3738




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