< }}” alt=”amazon-book.png” width=”286″ height=”240″ />President of the Texas Nationalist Movement, Daniel Miller, today pulled his book “Line In The Sand” from Amazon.com.

In an email to the Amazon offices, Miller stated,

“I respect the right of any merchant to sell the wares that they choose to whom they choose under the terms that they choose. I also believe that we must be consistent when we take public stands on complex political and social issues. It is because of Amazon’s lack of intellectual and moral consistency that I must now take a stand and remove my book from Amazon.com.”


Miller goes further.

“I do not do this because of your removal of Confederate flag merchandise. I do it because I can no longer be affiliated with a company that will, under public pressure, pick and choose which ideologies are acceptable to the market with the knowledge that my book and its advocacy for Texas independence will likely be the next target. I cannot and will not participate in funding my own opposition.”

“Line In The Sand” will continue to be offered through the TNM Store and through select retailers.


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