On Tuesday, September 13th, State Representative Phil King will be holding a hearing at the Capitol looking for options on how Texas can best respond to Federal overreach. And you haven’t been invited.

The hearing, called by State Representative Phil King, chair of the House Select Committee on State & Federal Power & Responsibility, will focus on options that Texas can take to fight back against Federal overreach. The exact wording on the hearing notice is:

“Identify the resolutions approved by the Legislature during recent legislative sessions calling on the federal government to take certain actions, and determine what, if any, actions were taken by the federal government pursuant to such resolutions. Study how these resolutions could be made more effective, and what other avenues may be available to the Legislature as an alternative to or in addition to these resolutions.”

The committee will be taking invited testimony only and no advocates of Texas independence have been invited. That includes you.

Given the poll numbers showing that Texans prefer #Texit to any other solution to Federal overreach and the very public success that the Texas Nationalist Movement has had in advancing this solution, it’s hard to believe that this oversight is unintentional.

If they won’t invite you to testify, we will.

We are organizing a mass call-in to Rep. King’s office with one very clear message – “We want a vote on Texas independence!”

We will be using our automated system to call our supporters and automatically connect them to Rep. King’s office. If you have not already pledged your vote, go here (http://thetnm.org/vote), and we’ll be sure to connect with you.

If you don’t want to wait, you can reach his office now at (512) 463-0738.

Let him know that you expect a vote on Texas independence.


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